Lauren Laverne, BBC Radio 6 Music

The Big Interview: Lauren Laverne


We spoke to BBC Radio 6 Music DJ Lauren Laverne about indie-pop stardom, her debut novel and what she really thinks about today’s bands…  Lauren Laverne first came to public – and our...

Natalie McCool

Natalie McCool – in the ascendency


We spoke to Natalie McCool about songwriting with Macca, the tabloid press and Bernard Butler…  We’re a little early for our slot to interview Natalie McCool, so we wait as she finishes soundchecking....

Sleepy Sun 2012, by Brett Wilde

Who loves the Sleepy Sun?


With Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia closing in, treat yourself to an appetiser  in the form of California’s Sleepy Sun…  In June 2009, Sleepy Sun burst onto the scene with their hazy psyche-strewn...

Jeffery Lewis @ the Kazimier

Jeffrey Lewis – Anti-Folk Implosion


Jeffrey Lewis, New York’s anti-folk anti-hero took time out ahead of his recent gig at the Kazimier to chat sibling rivalry and crazy drivers…  It’s not always the enormous, monolithic artists who illicit...

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyard – Previewed


Jeffrey Lewis: 21st Century Troubadour… First time we came across Jeffrey Lewis, our immediate thought was along the lines of: “Why listen to this guy when you’ve got x, y, z who already...

Kusanagi, FestEvol Gardens Pt 2

FestEvol Gardens Part 2 – Reviewed


Loved Ones’ Nik Glover crossed the invisible line from musician to critic. How did he cope in the role of ‘the enemy’? For a musician, reviewing other musicians doesn’t come naturally. Of course,...

Rhys Chatham at a previous Crimson Grail performance

Biennial 2012: Rhys Chatham, A Crimson Grail


Liverpool Biennial 2012 begins in September, but news of the launch party programme means we’re excited already… On any given Biennial year, people’s expectations are piqued afresh, their appetites for the UK’s largest...

Alif Ensemble

Alif Ensemble – Reviewed


Premiering in Liverpool ahead of the BT River of Music Festival, Alif Ensemble proved themselves nothing less than revelatory…  Humility, nerves and excitement. This is how the evening begins for the Alif Ensemble,...

Emperor X @ Bold Street Coffee

Emperor X @ Bold Street Coffee – Reviewed


  Bold Street Coffee hosted an evening of discovery and fraternity last week rounded off nicely by Emperor X… In a recent interview, Chad Matheny insisted that the moniker he has performed under...