Paul Davis

“I create to make people smile. And to piss people off sometimes.” Desiginival Mini


Honest business advice and creative encouragement, finished off with a great dose of humour; Maja Lorkowska does Designival… This year’s design symposium, Designival, satisfied designers, artists, illustrators and non-creatives alike, despite its ‘Mini’ size. Organised as...

In Pictures: Illustrator Paul Davis


Bleak humour, bad relationships and foolishness all feature in the work of this illustrator/social commentator, who also happens to be headlining this year’s Designival… Opinionated satirical illustrator Paul Davis is one of the international...

Live_Transmission (Joy Division Reworked)_Sydney Opera House 1 ©Prudence Upton

Joy Division Reworked


Is it ever possible to do the memory of a much-loved band justice? We spoke to a man who is part of an ambitious project seeking to do just that… There are some...

Igloo Coworking Space

Studio Series: Igloo Coworking Space


Igloo Coworking Space was set up this year as a place for architects, designers, engineers and those who work in the construction industry to hang out and be productive. We caught up with...

George's Dock Ventilation 1931-34

Liverpool – Old and New


Great swathes of Liverpool’s history is writ large in its architecture. Nowhere is this more true than on its famous waterfront, found Stephanie Kehoe… From the Three Graces – the Port of Liverpool, Cunard...

A section of Cornelius Cardew's Treatise

Sound and Vision:
Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise


C James Fagan ponders a 20th Century piece of composition, created in part to subvert the status quo. Is it still relevant, and what is a graphic musical score? I’ve decided to see...


Love Your Blog Workshop #1: Motivation and Ideas


Our Love Your Blog Summer Workshops start today. Whether you’re attending or not, join in live with your comments, post us a question, and be part of our blogging solutions… Experienced blogger in...

Central Library, Liverpool, Hornby Library

Turning Over A New Leaf? The Re-Opening Of Central Library


Meeting your gran and finding she’s turned into Beyoncé? Joseph Viney explores both the splendour and the knock-on effects of the new Central Library… Bookworms rejoice! After three long years, the new Liverpool Central Library has...

ACDSleeve; Custom work for Dad Rocks!

ACDSleeve: Passion for the Music


North-West based music packaging company ACDSleeve ‘strongly believe that nothing beats receiving a physical copy of an album’. As Record Store Day draws near, we couldn’t agree more… Tom Leggett, the genius behind ACDSleeve, has been helping...