ACDSleeve; Custom work for Dad Rocks!

ACDSleeve: Passion for the Music


North-West based music packaging company ACDSleeve ‘strongly believe that nothing beats receiving a physical copy of an album’. As Record Store Day draws near, we couldn’t agree more… Tom Leggett, the genius behind ACDSleeve, has been helping...

New Wing (back)

The Big Interview:
Hans van der Heijden


Five years after new work on Liverpool city centre’s oldest building was unveiled, we speak to the director of the architects responsible…  Amongst Liverpool’s myriad anniversaries in 2013, potentially most controversial is that...

Tile Fire

Studio Series: Andrew Cousins


Photographer and bespoke tile designer Andrew Cousins shows us round his Static studio and his rather unusual design company, Tile Fire… Hi Andy! Please describe your studio space. It’s split into two areas...

Martina Calajová

Profile – Graphic Designer Martina Calajová


We talk good internships, inspiration and ambition with Czech graphic designer Martina Calajová… We first meet Martina Calajová in the offices of Smiling Wolf when she makes us a (great) cup of coffee,...

Artist of the Month: Matthew Storrow

Artist of the Month: Matthew Storrow


Our new Artist of the Month is fascinated by abandoned temples, old sea forts, printing, sci-fi, and Piranesi. What’s not to love?! The banner Matthew Storrow has created for us nods to all...

Artist of the Month: Jon Summers-Muir

Artist of the Month:
Jon Summers-Muir


We met latest Artist of the Month Jon Summers-Muir, and talked inspiration, the space race and vapid design blogs. Just don’t ask him about dream clients … Understandably perhaps, the majority of people...

Designival - James Jarvis

Designival – Reviewed


Graphic Designer Thom Isom on his experience of Designival, the North’s biggest and most comprehensive design showcase of the year… The morning kicked off with a design breakfast. What’s that, you ask? In...

Mexico '68 Lance Wyman

Designival – Previewed


Next week sees the arrival of Designival, a showcase for cutting-edge local talent and a chance to rub shoulders with some icons of design … Don’t let anybody tell you Liverpool has no...


Internet of Things Howduino


This weekend sees the arrival of the Internet of Things Howduino. What on earth’s that, you ask? Read on… Back in August, we showcased DoES Liverpool in our semi regular Studio Series feature....