Luca Frei and Will Holder in action

For the Love of Typography: Luca Frei and Will Holder In Conversation


As they unveil a new typography at Tate Liverpool, artist/designer team Luca Frei and Will Holder discuss the complexities and passions behind their process… Luca Frei and Will Holder may work quite differently,...

New Eveyman (c) Brian Roberts

Sneak Peek: Inside The New Everyman


Ahead of their re-launch this weekend, we take a sneaky peek behind the doors of the new Everyman… I remember the old Everyman theatre very well. I’ve been an audience member for years;...

David Baddeley, Sein (detail)

Artist of the Month: David Baddeley


We discuss Jimmy Stewart, doodling for fun and getting lucky (!) with emerging graphic illustrator David Baddeley… You may recognise the work of graphic illustrator David Baddeley from Motel, a small grunge/Americana-themed bar on Fleet...

Tom Eckersley, magazine cover (detail)

In Profile: Tom Eckersley, Master of the Poster


As a new exhibition celebrates his legacy, we look at the life and work of Britain’s most influential graphic designer… We take it for granted now that any art school worth its mettle...

Gavin Strange, Creative Process #3

Emotional Software, Knitting-Machines and Drawing Things: Creative Process #3


Maja Lorkowska joins a bunch of expert graphic and web designers, developers and illustrators for a look into the creative process… Leaf’s hip re-branded Water Street venue, Oh Me Oh My, was a...

Paul Davis

“I create to make people smile. And to piss people off sometimes.” Desiginival Mini


Honest business advice and creative encouragement, finished off with a great dose of humour; Maja Lorkowska does Designival… This year’s design symposium, Designival, satisfied designers, artists, illustrators and non-creatives alike, despite its ‘Mini’ size. Organised as...

In Pictures: Illustrator Paul Davis


Bleak humour, bad relationships and foolishness all feature in the work of this illustrator/social commentator, who also happens to be headlining this year’s Designival… Opinionated satirical illustrator Paul Davis is one of the international...

Live_Transmission (Joy Division Reworked)_Sydney Opera House 1 ©Prudence Upton

Joy Division Reworked


Is it ever possible to do the memory of a much-loved band justice? We spoke to a man who is part of an ambitious project seeking to do just that… There are some...

Igloo Coworking Space

Studio Series: Igloo Coworking Space


Igloo Coworking Space was set up this year as a place for architects, designers, engineers and those who work in the construction industry to hang out and be productive. We caught up with...