Monet, Water Lilies

Turner Monet Twombly – In Conversation


Tate’s latest exhibition brings together three men separated by eras. We spoke to exhibition curator Jeremy Lewison to see what unites them… It seems year on year, as summer time comes around, it...

Oil boom, Delta burns: the photographs of George Osodi

Black Gold and Delta Blues


James West visits Oil boom, Delta burns at the International Slavery Museum… This small but evocative exhibition featuring the work of African photojournalist George Osodi examines the impact of the oil industry in...

Mary Pearson, Failure

Failure Explored


C James Fagan on the latest performance piece at the Bluecoat asks, what is failure anyway? Failure, that twin impostor of success. The thing which is always at our side, waiting to take...

Mikey Georgeson

Who is Mikey Georgeson?


We talk LFC, art and life with artist Mikey Georgeson, whose latest exhibition Trope has just opened at The Royal Standard… You may already know Mikey Georgeson, whether you’re aware of this or...

Julieann O'Malley, Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation

Salty Milk by Julieann O’Malley – Reviewed


As part of Spectrum at Liverpool Art Month, Lesley Taker took in a remarkable performance by Julieann O’ Malley… I hurriedly walk through the packed rooms of Wolstenholme Creative Space, pushing through people...

Rolf Harris at The Walker

Can You Tell What It Is Yet?


Rachael Jones drops in on the Walker and finds an artist fully deserving of the name…  Rolf Harris: all-round light entertainer, inventor of the wobbleboard and the country’s favourite Aussie import, recently opened...


Karl Jung is a Grass: Psychogeography in Liverpool & London


Fancy exploring your city in a completely different way? This weekend, grab your camera and your sketchbook and let artists take you on a psychogeography walk… When did you last walk around the area that you live...

Polly Morgan, live Taxidermy at the VG&M

Polly Morgan – Live and Stuffing


On the eve of a new exhibition opening a discourse with Audubon, Emma Sumner recounts taxidermist Polly Morgan’s live demonstration… In March it was announced that the University of Liverpool’s Victoria Gallery &...

Staged protest, James Newitt 2012

The Big Interview: James Newitt


Tasmanian artist James Newitt has been in Liverpool for an Australia Council for the Arts residency. Hannah Pierce wondered how it had informed his practice… Hosted by Liverpool Biennial in collaboration with The...