John Akomfrah, The Unfinished Conversation

All We Have is Now


Two works at the Bluecoat move C James Fagan to contemplate time, its passage and how we cling to it… How do you capture a moment, or catch the passing of time? Which...

Mercy design

Studio Series: Mercy


Ahead of Mercy’s Electronic Voice Phenomena Biennial Weekend (kicking off tonight at Camp and Furnace), we talk ghosts, fanzines and Chicks on Speed with Creative Director Nathan Jones! Hi Nathan! Please describe your...

Les Savy Fav, detail, Gary McGarvey

Artist of the Month: Gary McGarvey


New Artist of the Month, Gary McGarvey, talks screenprinting, ambitions and the day Pixies’ Kim Deal became a fan… Hi Gary! Let’s get some important details first – where were you born, where...

(L-R) Cherie Federico, Rachael Jones, Miranda Sawyer, Francesco Manacorda, Edgar Schmitz. The Medium, Liverpool Biennial 2012, image courtesy The Double Negative

The Medium is the Medium


It’s a question that’s been asked since the dawn of time, well blogging, but just where are the standards in journalism set now? Getting on for a couple of weekends ago, I was...

Ming Wong, Making Chinatown

Biennial 2012: Making Chinatown – Ming Wong in conversation


In the third of our special Biennial ‘in conversation’ series, we pair up cine-inspired artist Ming Wong with director and film critic DW Mault … Ming Wong, born in Singapore and based in...

Superflex, Cunard

Biennial 2012: The Cunard Building


C James Fagan on feeling very much like an unexpected guest at the Cunard building… This piece is the result of two visits to the Cunard Building; when faced with something as large...

Andrew Bracey, Frames (2007-9). Still, Transition Gallery

Artist as Projectionist: my love of cinema


Artist Andrew Bracey professes his love for the clattering roar of the projector, and how it inspired his most recent exhibition at Transition Gallery and Hackney Picturehouse … My eyes were opened to...

Francesco Manacorda C Max Tomasinelli - Courtesy Artissima

The Medium is the Medium – today!


Today’s the day! Our Biennial event The Medium is The Medium is here… Curated by us and Liverpool Biennial 2012, we wanted to talk about why critical writing is important in a mature and thriving...

City States, LJMU Copperas Hill Building, image courtesy Andy Minnis

Biennial Bulletin: City States!


Hobnobbing with foreign artists over a glass of Hennessy and emptying wheelie bins into a skip: Lucie Fialova reveals the glamorous life of an arts intern… When I first joined the Biennial Volunteer Media Team,...