Gimme the Loot

In Bloom

DW Mault on a pair of films dealing with the vitality and cruelty of youth… The romance of narrative is perpetually at odds with reality; which is a problem that longs for an...

Louis Edouard Fournier's The Funeral of Shelley

The Treachery of Images

In this essay, Nathan Richardson muses on facts and the impressions of facts, with specific reference to Fournier’s The Funeral of Shelley… During my education, the Walker Art Gallery was often patronised as a suitable...

The Fall, taken from Brian Edge's Paintwork: A Portrait of The Fall

Mark E. Smith and The Fall

A one man anecdote making machine, Mark E. Smith is the contrary genius behind first-wave post-punk’s most enduring band… Usually when referring to a band member, it is a standard convention to state...

The Walkmen

Sound City 2013 – Reviewed

Almost a week ago Sound City got underway. We pick through the tales from the trenches… This time last week we were scouring the Sound City 2013 line-up; who could we not miss?...

Mud poster

Mud – Previewed

DW Mault finds danger and beauty in Mud, the latest flick forcing us to reassess Matthew McConaughey… Modern American literature is a bastard form of originality that sings from the descent of manifest...

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Culture Diary w/c 06-05-13

Tuesday – The Gatekeepers 6pm @ FACT Nominated for a 2013 Best Documentary academy award, The Gatekeepers is a film taking 50 years of Israeli history as its subject matter. The source material...


NOTICE: Bill Drummond’s last performance of The17

Jen Allanson swallows her nerves and puts her trust in artist and musician Bill Drummond. What exactly is The17, and what has she got herself into? On Saturday I became a lifetime member...

PINS @ Sound City, Thursday, The Shipping Forecast

Sound City 2013: Itinerary

With more than 360 artists playing myriad venues at Sound City, we narrow the field down as best we can… With the first bands getting underway a little later today for 2013’s incarnation...