Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Culture Diary 27-05-13

Monday – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 8.30pm @ FACT When JJ Abrams was tasked with breathing new life into the Star Trek franchise, one concession he may have made to...

Pet Shop Boys - Go West

The Art of Pop Video – Reviewed

Kayleigh Davies takes another look at FACT’s The Art of Pop Video, which closes later today…  The latest marquee exhibition at FACT examines the intertwined relationship between music and art, complimenting the opposite...


Love Your Blog Workshop #1: Motivation and Ideas

Our Love Your Blog Summer Workshops start today. Whether you’re attending or not, join in live with your comments, post us a question, and be part of our blogging solutions… Experienced blogger in...

Mike Kelley: TheUncanny

They Say It’s Your Birthday:
Tate Liverpool at 25

Tate Liverpool is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. We asked five prominent members of Liverpool’s art scene about their favourite exhibitions hosted by the gallery… Wandering around Tate Liverpool is 25, which chronicles...

Central Library, Liverpool, Hornby Library

Turning Over A New Leaf? The Re-Opening Of Central Library

Meeting your gran and finding she’s turned into Beyoncé? Joseph Viney explores both the splendour and the knock-on effects of the new Central Library… Bookworms rejoice! After three long years, the new Liverpool Central Library has...

My Neighbour Totoro

Studio Ghibli Double Bill

Screening at FACT this Sunday, Rachael Jones looks at a pair of very different Studio Ghibli films celebrating their 25th anniversaries… The earliest known anime dates back to 1917; however, the characteristic anime...

Yves Klein

My Problem With Photography

The city is awash with photography celebration LOOK/13, but C James Fagan is reluctant to join in… It’s difficult to pinpoint and I’m not entirely sure if I do have a problem, but...

Skype bingo

Can You Hear Me? I Can See You!

What was that about olds dogs and new tricks? Stephanie Kehoe finds an exhibition at FACT turning the old saying on its head…  Technology is an increasingly pervasive aspect of our world; an...

2-ladies-by-robbremner Look/13 @ Drop the Dumbells

Liverpool, Unfinished – Reviewed

Kayleigh Davies peers into the darkness of the slideshow at Drop the Dumbells and discovers one of her picks of Look/13… Despite the small, unfinished-looking surroundings at Drop the Dumbells, Rob Bremner’s portraits...