What Richard Did

What Richard Did

DW Mault on What Richard Did, and its director, a man of rare subtlety and daring… Sometimes nature (and by nature I mean cinema) abhors a vacuum, how else do we explain the...

Laurel Halo's Quarantine

Imagination and discovery

Julian Shepherd on wrestling with the perfect playlist to inspire creativity, and ending up ‘all about the party’… For me, music is the thing that keeps my life glistening with diamond-studded edging. It...

Patrick Wolf

Hungry like the Wolf

Patrick Wolf plays the Epstein Theatre next month, touring an album marking 10 years of pristine, sing-it-from-the rooftop sounds… It’s a decade since singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf’s first album was released. That record, the...

the Mars Volta

Week at a Glance 25-01-13

J.J. Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode VII The director of the recent Star Trek reboot J.J. Abrams, who appeared to have rejected the idea of having a crack at the George Lucas...


What is Gummo?

DW Mault contemplates Gummo, which screens at Metal tomorrow, and its maverick director Harmony Korine… I want to convince you to experience the unknown, that nothing will ever be the same. The hardest...

Edward Chambré-Hardman @ openeye

Edward Chambré-Hardman – Landscapes

Keith W Roberts considers E. Chambré-Hardman’s landscapes, the creative passion-projects to his famed commercial portraiture…  Edward Chambré-Hardman (originally from Ireland) is arguably Liverpool’s equivalent of London’s Emil Otto Hoppé, whose economic sustenance, like...

Image courtesy Behringer

Harangue the DJ

How to achieve a vibrant, successful club night in the face of requests for the ‘same old, same old’? Mikey Stevenson spoke anonymously to a number of city DJs to find out… Soon...

RIP Blockbuster

RIP Blockbuster

Stuart Ian Burns takes a trip down memory lane, when renting a film meant endless waiting, bus trips and fines … When it was announced that Blockbuster had entered administration, my first reaction...

©National Trust Images/Edward Chambré Hardman Collection

Culture Diary w/c 21-01-13

Monday – Fear And Desire 9pm @ FACT Fear And Desire, about soldiers trapped behind enemy lines, has never been an easy film to get hold of. Primarily because Stanley Kubrick’s debut feature...