Bryan Biggs with his work @ the Frieraum

Field Trip #16: Cologne

Artist, and Artistic Director at the Bluecoat, Bryan Biggs reports back from Cologne… There’s a joke going round in Germany at the moment about its Chancellor: ‘What does Angela Merkel do with her...

Forgotten, by Pete Clarke

Liverpool and Cologne: Non-Identical Twins

Bryan Biggs, artist and Artistic Director at the Bluecoat, reflects on Liverpool’s ongoing cultural links with Cologne following a recent visit to the Rhine city… Under the title Eight Days A Week, the...

Response @ Fallout Factory

Response @ Fallout Factory – Reviewed

Adam Scovell finds reasons to be optimistic about the Independents Biennial at Fallout Factory… There’s a wealth of independent shows and projects around this year’s Liverpool Biennial. With the official festival itself being...

Turner Monet Twombly: later paintings @ Tate Liverpool

Culture Diary w/c 22-10-2012

Monday – Dig! 6.30pm @ FACT Winner of the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, Dig! is the real life story of friendship and professional rivalry between Portland bands The...

Reel Unknown The Goonies

Goonies never say die!

Rachael Jones ventures into the night for her second bite of the Reel Unknown experience… We’re going to start this review with a bold statement: we are, to quote Daphne Moon, ‘a little...

Esco Williams

Oxjam Takeover – Previewed

This Saturday sees the Oxjam Liverpool Takeover rock up at Camp and Furnace, with more than 20 artists in tow… Wander down to the Baltic Triangle’s Camp and Furnace this Saturday and you’ll...

Andrew "Tiny" Wood from Ultrasound

Playlist #23: The Beautiful Ones

It was the scene that helped define and produce a generation of musicians, so why is Britpop such a dirty word? When Ultrasound imploded in 1999, so too did Britpop’s last great hope....

Static Gallery, courtesy Thom Isom

Indie Anonymous

Liverpool has a lot of things to shout about, but our alternative club scene isn’t one of them…  For our money, right now, Liverpool is culturally and creatively a very exciting place to...

Stories From An Invisible Town Liverpool Playhouse Studio

Culture Diary w/c 15-10-12

Monday – The Cubical: On The Weekend Taken from the album Arise Conglomerate (out 19th Nov), On The Weekend is the lead single and raucous hymn to the behaviour we allow ourselves once...