Tracing the century, Tate Liverpool

Culture Diary w/c 12-11-12

Tuesday - Happy, Happy 6pm @ FACT Directed by Anne Sewitsky, this 2010 Norwegian film, while dressed as (an at times surreal) farce, takes a good look at the lies we tell ourselves to...

Ben Affleck's Argo

Film Podcast #11: Argo, The Sapphires and Grassroots

Film Podcast #11: Argo, The Sapphires and Grassroots by The Double Negative on Mixcloud DW Mault reviews Ben Affleck’s historical drama Argo, Wayne Blair’s musical comedy The Sapphires and Stephen Gyllenhaal’s comedy Grassroots....

Unsettle @ Metal

Unsettle @ Metal, Liverpool Biennial 2012

Jon Davies finds HIVE in scintillating form in a recreation of the Pendle witch trials at Metal…  Whenever the HIVE team are involved in a large scale audiovisual project in Liverpool you know...

Nosferatu's Count Orlok

Celebrating 90 years of the Vampire in film

We humans seem increasingly incapable of kicking the vampire habit. Long may it continue… Yeah we know Hallowe’en has come and gone, but seeing Nosferatu with a wonderful live score from Minima earlier...

Guest, Unexpected

Guest, Unexpected

Chinese journalist Joe Zhu on his remarkable embodiment of the theme at this year’s Biennial… Heading back to my hometown, here I am at Amsterdam airport with 2 hours waiting for transport. I’m...

Wu Tsang's Wildness

Wildness – Reviewed

Wu Tsang’s first feature Wildness is a confident, touching and highly promising one, finds  Justin Lewis…  Filmmaker, artist and activist Wu Tsang was praised earlier this year in the Whitney Biennial and Outfest in...

Marina Abramovic Dangerous Games

Random Acts: Artists Interventions into Broadcast

Linda Pittwood finds that, despite the pervasive and ubiquitous internet, TV remains a powerful medium for the message …  Dangerous Games is a powerful new video artwork by Marina Abramovic, and is a complete...


Culture Diary w/c 05-11-12

Monday - Nosferatu with live score by Minima 6.30pm @ FACT FW Murnau’s 1922 interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the first time anybody saw a Vampyre on screen – one can only surmise...

The Creator Al & Al

Who is The Creator?

The Creator, a film about Alan Turing, was conceived by the only filmmakers who could have made it, says Laura Brown… History is what those who have power write down. Poor you if...