Culture Diary w/c 05-11-12

Monday - Nosferatu with live score by Minima 6.30pm @ FACT FW Murnau’s 1922 interpretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the first time anybody saw a Vampyre on screen – one can only surmise...

The Creator Al & Al

Who is The Creator?

The Creator, a film about Alan Turing, was conceived by the only filmmakers who could have made it, says Laura Brown… History is what those who have power write down. Poor you if...


Internet of Things Howduino

This weekend sees the arrival of the Internet of Things Howduino. What on earth’s that, you ask? Read on… Back in August, we showcased DoES Liverpool in our semi regular Studio Series feature....

Room 237

Room 237 – a cineaste’s delight

DW Mault on new film Room 237, and the continuing enigma of, and fascination with, Stanley Kubrick… Cinema from its birth has welcomed mystery; what Freud called the sense of the other, the...

Making Chinatown

Ming Wong’s Making Chinatown – Reviewed

Themes can occasionally become obstacles for artists and their work. How would Ming Wong fair? The line between parody and pastiche can sometimes appear a very thin one indeed, blurry at best. And...

Viking Moses

Viking Moses: Modern day nomad

This Friday sees Viking Moses, the quintessential modern day nomad, grace Liverpool with a last minute addition to his touring schedule… Start your day with Crosses, the debut album from Viking Moses, and...