Internet of Things Howduino

This weekend sees the arrival of the Internet of Things Howduino. What on earth’s that, you ask? Read on…

Back in August, we showcased DoES Liverpool in our semi regular Studio Series feature. One of the founder members of DoES, Adrian McEwan, described it at the time as: “… a shared co-working space, workshop and studio. We’re the nearest Liverpool has got to a hackspace.”

If that all sounds a bit ‘techy’, we – luddites that we are – sympathise, but really there’s nothing to be afraid of, and this weekend is the perfect opportunity to better understand some of the work they get up to over at their base on Hanover Street. The Internet of Things Howduino, says McEwan, “is a hands-on weekend for beginners and experts alike to get together and explore the new world of Internet-connected physical computing”.

What this means, in short, is physical things connected to the internet. A great example is McEwan’s very own Bubblino, a disarming bubble blowing device that is set off when the twitter account it’s connected to receives an interaction. Adrian, and DoEs in general, are striving to reach a broader audience.

Their events are already well-attended by the likes of coders, electronics engineers and designers, but says McEwan, “we really want to reach more of the product designers and non-computer-geeks too, so that the things we make are prettier and more delightful”. The aim seems to be greater experimentation and cross-contamination between different disciplines – a marriage of function and form “which make people’s lives more enjoyable and richer”.

Numerous examples are beginning to spring up, and it’s not just Bubblino, though many are triggered by social network link-ups. John McKerrell’s (also of DoES) WhereDial is a device letting friends and family know you’re safe and sound.

But it’s not all about what can be achieved with the help of twitter and facebook this weekend. There are show and tells from 3pm on Sunday, Makielab will be playing puppet master with their 3D printed dolls and Russell Davies, from Wired UK is on hand to give the weekend’s closing talk following the show and tell.

All in all, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about what’s going on with digital and physical technology under our very noses in Liverpool, have a go, and glean a greater insight into this growing field. Want to know if you’re the next digi-maker entrepreneur? This is probably as good a place as any to start.

Internet of Things Howduino @ DoES Liverpool Sarturday 10am, Sunday 3pm

Posted on 02/11/2012 by thedoublenegative