PÄRK @ Camp and Furnace

PÄRK at Camp and Furnace looks to set a new standard for long weekends in the city…

There’s a great pleasure in being the bearer of good news, and so it’s with, erm, great pleasure that we bring you a few nuggets of information that can most certainly be filed in that category. The first bit you may already be aware of, and have marked in big red letters on your diary at work: August Bank Holiday Weekend (Sat 25th – Mon 27th) is approaching fast.

But not for you a weekend spent looking gloomily out of the rain-streaked window or off to B&Q, shopping for stuff that won’t really improve your home or your life. Why, you ask, what else could we possibly want to do on a long weekend? If we said to you  we could promise a combination of no rain, a hot tub forest and music, you’d be there, right? Read on…

Those bright folks down at Camp and Furnace have lined up a whole weekend’s worth of entertainment under one roof at 67 Greenland Street. By day, you can partake in craft workshops, book a hot tub (complete with luxury options, including waiter service no less), or just chill out at the salmon and aquavit bar grazing on your Scandi picnic. For night owls, there are different temptations.

Saturday sees Deep Hedonia, Liverpool Music Week and Detour Jam get the party started in earnest with a trio of the freshest UK R+B, Bass and House acts. Holy Other, returning to the city following a triumphant support slot for Little Dragon headlines, while Vessel and Fort Romeau are charged with warming things up.

Sunday offers something of a change of tack tunes-wise, with lush musical undercurrents provided by the likes of Afternaut and Sing For Your Supper. With no need to observe the usual Sunday evening rules, the option to stick around until 3am holds no fear; Deep Hedonia and Ellis Samizdat DJs, amongst others, the reasons to stay. And with nobody expecting you at your desk bright and early on Monday, you can pop back for a final throw of the Bank Holiday dice, with the day taking a more soothing, acoustic bent. Not that we’re expecting hangovers, of course!

PÄRK @ Camp and Furnace, August Bank Holiday Weekend, Saturday £10, Sunday and Monday Free 

Posted on 03/08/2012 by thedoublenegative