Tee Comp: The Shortlist

After much squabbling and the odd standoff, we’ve made our decision! Yes, here are the final ten shortlisted Tee Comp designs. The response has been amazing; there really are many talented artists out there and it has been a pleasure to talk to you and view your work. Our final choices came down to wearability, how The Double Negative name was presented, and how much we’d like to see the design on a tee.

We will have the final three designs screenprinted into hella-amazing soft brushed cotton tshirts by Liverpool based lo-fi favourites In The Room Print Co.

Now its up to you to vote for your 3 winners. You can tell us your favourites in the comment box at the bottom of this page, TweetFacebook, or email us at vote[@]thedoublenegative.co.uk. You have until Monday 27 February 5pm to vote, and the winners will be announced the next day! ”But choose wisely, for while the true tee (Grail) will bring you life, the false tee (Grail) will take it from you.” Or something.

Top to bottom (not order of preference!): Dave Williams, Sky Nash, Adam Williams, Laura Pearson, Geoff D, Sean Wars, Jazmin Garner, Lee Tisdall, Steven Starks, and Simon Ellis.

Dave Williams

Sky Nash

Adam Williams

Laura Pearson

 Geoff D

Sean Wars

Jazmin Garner

Lee Tisdall

Steven Starks

Simon Ellis


Posted on 17/02/2012 by thedoublenegative