Kayfabemania Sean Wars

Kayfabemania: Wrestling Unmasked

Could we take Kayfabemania, an exhibition about wrestling, more seriously than we take the sport itself?  Wrestling. It’s perhaps not the most obvious of themes for an exhibition, but a quartet of Liverpool-based...

Artist of the Month: Matthew Storrow

Artist of the Month: Matthew Storrow

Our new Artist of the Month is fascinated by abandoned temples, old sea forts, printing, sci-fi, and Piranesi. What’s not to love?! The banner Matthew Storrow has created for us nods to all...

Demonstration South Wales (1935 Edith Tudor-Hart)

Profile – Photographer Edith Tudor-Hart

The latest Open Eye Gallery archive exhibition highlights the life and times of Edith Tudor-Hart, photographer and spy… Edith Tudor-Hart’s was a name which until Friday, we’re ashamed to say, we were –...


Lore – Reviewed

DW Mault considers Cate Shortland’s second feature, Lore, and much more besides… Someone brighter and sharper than myself once told me that Language (in whatever form), is strange and uncanny; the way it’s...

Pam Grier in Jackie Brown

Culture Diary w/c 04-03-13

Monday – Two Sunsets: Venetian Skies/Sandunes  Phil Bridges and Sean Butler are the Wirral-based duo behind Two Sunsets, celebrating their debut release today. Describing their sound as “almost overly exposed and out of focus” (you’ll...

Lore (2012)

Film Podcast #23: Lore and Mea Maxima Culpa

Film Podcast #23: Lore and Mea Maxima Culpa by The Double Negative on Mixcloud DW Mault reviews Second World War thriller Lore (2012) and documentary on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, Mea...

Happy Anniversary to the Bluecoat

Happy Anniversaries!

With cuts beginning to bite, we take a look at a remarkable cluster of anniversaries in Liverpool’s arts sector… Funny how things coincide; you’d almost believe that some colossal level of planning and...