Wayne Burrows

Wayne Burrows

Profession: Writer.

Tell us about youWriting means anything from poetry to journalism, short film to fabricated historical documents: currently in the process of fabricating a comprehensive archive of visual works and correspondence by an entirely fictional artist named Robert Holcombe while also working on a cycle of short films about faked identities and 1950s exotica.

What inspires you? Neglected cultural corners, the kind of art or ephemera that gives the lie to received ideas about other times and places – for example, pop music made in the former Communist Bloc. 

Where do you live? What do you love about it? Nottingham. If it were a relationship it would be ‘complicated’.

What would your superpower be? I’ve always assumed mind reading would come in handy.

Favourite local hangout? If ‘favourite’ is measured solely by the amount of time spent there, my studio.

Tell us a secret. I don’t always tell the truth and go by more than one false name.


Twitter: @wayne_burrows