Vanessa Wheeler

Vanessa Wheeler

Profession: Editorial Assistant at The Double Negative, journalist, and student.

Tell us about you: I recently moved to Liverpool to become a qualified journalist. I am currently freelancing whilst working for the Liverpool Echo, Bay TV, and now The Double Negative.

What inspires you? Authors such as Hunter S Thompson and George Orwell inspired me to choose a career as a journalist.  I love to write, so I don’t need much inspiration to keep working because writing is what I’ve always enjoyed doing.

What do you love about where you live? Liverpool is such a fun city. It has so much personality and there is always something new to explore or discover.

Favourite local hangout? Ziferblat at the Albert Dock is amazing.

What would your superpower be? The ability to talk to animals. I’m obsessed with dogs.

Tell us a secret. I’m a obsessed with researching conspiracy theories. They’re like crack to me.

Twitter: @vanessawheeler_

Instagram: @vanessawheeler_

Email: editorial[at]