Profession: Art, DIY, Alchemy & Stuff.

Tell us about youI’m just a humble fellow who came out of a place called ‘Two Dog’s Fighting’, a place with curious pockets of creativity where a lot of people still think the world is flat. I listen to breakbeats, roll with vintage marker pens, and ride the roads. I’m a man on a mission but I don’t know what it is.

What inspires you? People and places and stories and long dark windy nights in strange cities when you wonder if you’ll ever see home again. 

What do you love about Liverpool? All the different influences that pass through.

What would your superpower be? A Huytoned State Of Awareness.

Favourite local hangout? Underground.

Tell us a secret. Mix cod liver oil with your alcohol based ink and it will be extra permanent if you use it on anything vaguely porous. When police detectives arrive on the scene, they can stroke their moustaches and say to each other that “something smells fishy round here”.