Thomas Florence

Thomas Florence

Profession: Writer, performer and loud player of guitar.

Tell us about you. I’ve performed escapology and mind reading since I was 15, so know what it’s like to escape handcuffs/get inside peoples heads (which ironically when inside is far harder to get out of). I write and perform, and Founded But Why?, a theatre and performance company specialising in Immersive theatre.

What inspires you? Storytelling and world-building and like an overexcited child at a show-and-tell. ‘Look what I’ve made! I’m sure you will love it!’

What do you love about where you live? The people of Liverpool, the vibe on a hot day, and you know…Cheap rent is really useful too.

What’s your favourite local hangout? Just walking round. You got to see Liverpool on the move.

What would your superpower be? Mind reading (well, it would save me time from all the years of learning suggestion and reading body language)

Tell us a secret. Never seen Game Of Thrones.

Twitter: @tjflorence

Facebook: butwhytheatre

Insta: Butwhytheatreco