Stephen Clarke

Stephen Clarke

Profession: Artist, writer and lecturer.

Tell us about you: Born in St Helens then moved to the rural pastures of Burtonwood. After a quiet childhood I toured the country to study and teach art and photography. Now back in the North West to teach art and photography at the local universities.

What inspires you? Bright sunny days and the British seaside.

What do you love about Liverpool? It is a coastal city so consequently there is a fresh bright light that pervades the city centre (that fades as you move towards St Helens and is gone by the time that you get to Manchester).

What would your superpower be? To be able to completely relax. Relaxing is not slobbing, sleeping or wasting time, it is fully alert but totally calm.

Favourite local hangout? Artichoke – the bar and bistro situated in Chester (a suburb of Liverpool). Otherwise I am quite happy at Open Eye Gallery at the waterfront.

Tell us a secret. If you have secrets then you have weaknesses so don’t have or keep secrets!


Stephen at Liverpool John Moores University