Stephanie Kehoe

Stephanie Kehoe

Profession: Art Historian/Model/Professional 50’s Lover.

Tell us about you: I’m currently studying for my degree, History of Art at LJMU, and fell into a modelling career late last year. With being a self-confessed art lover, I spend most of my spare time in the galleries and museums around the country.

What inspires you? The unexpected, unique or something so ugly it’s cute.

What do you love about Liverpool? With Liverpool being my life-long stomping ground, I have grown to love every aspect within the City. The people, under-ground gigs and events, style, galleries and even the pigeons with the missing feet!

What would your superpower be? My superpower would be the ability to have all superpower’s known! Teleportation, weather control, immortality, with instant toast-making included. You name it and I’ll be able to do it!

Favourite local hangout? You can always find me drinking tea in the Egg Café or mimicking a bat in the basement of the Pilgrim.

Tell us a secret: I am secretly from the early twentieth century, blasted into the future by a freak of nature.

Twitter @mbutterflydaisy