Sarah Creed

Sarah Creed

Profession: Exhibitions Assistant/Bookworm/Future Curator.

Tell us about you: I’m a recent art history and curating postgraduate who has relocated to London to work in the big wide world. In the process of getting here I have worked in every role you can thing of, from interpretation to technician, working with small sculpture to 8ft high abstract paintings to taxidermy badgers to photography – and I have loved every minute of it. This has, however, led to an unhealthy reliance on caffeine!

What inspires you? Installing an amazing piece of work. People who aren’t afraid to take chances and be a bit different, Lucien Freud, sitting in a gallery watching people interact with art.

What do you love about Liverpool? There is no other place quite like it, never a dull moment!

What would your superpower be? The power of flight – it would certainly make the morning commute a bit more interesting!

Favourite local hangout? Leaf (Liverpool) Monmouth, Borough Market (London).

Tell us a secret.  I have the most unnecessary crush on Marco Pierre White…

Twitter: @s_creed_