Ruth Dillon

Ruth Dillon

Profession: Artist and Dysfunctional Super Hero (Part Time, Unpaid)

Tell us about you: Artist. Post-punk agitator and freelance beatnik, also a rebellious maverick

What inspires you? Ideas, philosophy, quantum and theoretical physics and inventions that don’t make production…

What do you love about Liverpool? Everything and Nothing, the existential buzz of the guy who shouts ‘echo!’ on Church street. The Coffee shop in St John’s market, the angst and buzz of the teenage contingency in Liverpool. The crooners who sound like George Dawes from Vic N Bob’s Big Night Out on the back of the 82 bus on Friday nights, The Black-E, Sefton Park, The Palm House and The Bluecoat… And of course Pat n Teddy, my mum n dad!

What would your superpower be? I have superpowers, which I cannot reveal, as I am a member of the Unjust league of Green Carnations Admirers and as such sworn to secrecy.

Favourite local hangout? Any of my friends’ kitchens, preferably close to the fridge.

Tell us a secret: I am in love with Singapore noodles! If that’s possible…