Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson

Profession: Artist

Tell us about you: I’m from Louisiana but I live in Queens, NY, sort of near where my hero and fellow Louisianan Louis B. Armstrong lived. Most of the time I feel like I have one foot in the traditional pace of southern life and one foot in the contemporary run run run life.

What inspires you? The giant choreography, poetry and symphony of human life.

What do you love about Liverpool? I love the natural geniality of the people I’ve met here, very much like the way people are toward one another where I’m from. I also have to hand it to your sunsets and your sounds, they remind me of New Orleans in a lot of ways.

What would your superpower be? Grant writing while doing any other necessary life things like eating or sleeping.

Favourite local hangout? I really dig Camp and Furnace and of course Ye Cracke is a classic. Having a pint at sunset there is a great time.

Tell us a secret. I love the Swedish pop singer Robyn. It’s just one of those things you don’t pick, it picks you…