Peter Goodbody

Peter Goodbody

Profession: Being a barrister pays the bills. Being a photographer satisfies the creative side.

Tell us about youPeople tell me I don’t look like a barrister, but that’s because they’ve never seen me wearing a wig and gown. I probably don’t look much like a photographer without a camera in my hand.

What inspires you? The things in front of me. When people ask me what I like to photograph, I usually make up something (like buildings or portraits), but the truth is I just shoot my world.

What do you love about Liverpool? I understand how it works and how it fits together. It has a rich culture that works on many levels.  I’m also rather keen on Leaf, Tribeca and Italian Club Fish.

What would your superpower be? Getting up early in the mornings.

Favourite local hangout? Apart from the above, and within walking distance from home, The Overseas at Aigburth Vale and Elif on Lark Lane.

Tell us a secret. I save £2 coins. I bought my Fuji X10 mostly with £2 coins. The weight of them  nearly broke the till in Jessops.