Paul Forster

Paul Forster

Profession: Button Monkey, Wannabe Academic, Fiction Writer, Riot Collective Founder Member, Promoter, Event Manager, Go-Go Dancer.

Tell us about you: Misunderstood misanthropist, midlife crisis creative, aspiring novelist with a scathing critical eye. I organise one off DIY events with a queer/feminist slant but try to do something different. I’ll be on your bookshelves in 2023.

What inspires you? Honesty, dystopian visions, transparent news, danceable tunes, brilliance, originality and healthy realism.

What do you love about Liverpool? The fact that it has come on leaps and abounds in the last 10 years, the psycho-geographical landscape of the city has changed for the better since the days of super-clubbing.

What would your superpower be? That I could kill someone by just giving them an evil look.

Favourite local hangout? Leaf is nice, I like the food, Tabac has an awful squalid charm. I don’t really ‘hangout’, I stay inside and read.

Tell us a secret.  I’m not sure I have any.