Oli RahmanLBB

Oli Rahman

Profession: Student/Writer/Freelance Ninja Assassin

Tell us about you: I spend my time obsessively consuming words in all their forms, or churning them out. I love language, and marvel at its power to do good and evil. When I’ve had a few drinks I can convince myself that I’m a well-informed, reasonable man who doesn’t have massive lacunas in my understanding of the world around him. But I live in the spirit of optimism that drives all baby journos.

What inspires you? Good hearted human beings, creativity in unexpected avenues, people willing to put themselves on the line to inform or entertain others. The knowledge that there are other people out there that love Batman and Hunter S Thompson as much as I do…

What do you love about Liverpool? My amazing scouser girlfriend and the beautiful architecture (or should I have inverted the adjectives in that sentence?).

What would your superpower be? The ability to recover from injuries like Wolverine. I could write a dissertation on this question.

Favourite local hangout? Albert Docks. 

Tell us a secret. I find Cilla Black sexy.