Nik Glover

Nik Glover

Profession: Musician, Press Officer, Writer.

Tell us about you: I’ve been hawking my services around Liverpool for a while now, be it as a musician or writer. Right now I’m working on being an artist AND a functional member of the public sector workforce. Tricky, that.

What inspires you? Art in every form, the changing spaces around us, successful friends.

What do you love about Liverpool? I like just wandering around the city centre to be honest. There’s hours of entertainment to be had just looking at things, visiting galleries, descending into the cellars of pubs.

What would your superpower be? It’d be nice to be able to heal myself, I’m shockingly grumpy when I’m ill. Even a cold destroys me. Or the perennial favourite, laser-shooting eyes. Not sure where they would come in handy.

Favourite local hangout? Leaf is where I go to drink coffee, the Ship & Mitre for beer, Tokyou’s for food and World’s Apart for comics.

Tell us a secret. A long time ago I worked as a glass collector at Bar Ca Va. The things I’ve seen…