Amina Bihi

Mina Bihi

Profession: Photographer

Tell us about you: I’m a creative photographer who likes living on the edge and being really spontaneous. I like shooting  anything that has a pulse, or sometimes without, such as a coat hanger.

What inspires you? Lots of things enthuse me; like the morning dew resting on a delicate flower. Or the powerful imagery created by masters such as Richard Avedon, Dianne Arbus, Martin parr. So many things that inspire me, such as life … I love art  in all its forms. Love the new wave of tattoo art which is inspired by the dadaist movement: it’s organic, mechanical and very detailed. I love observing human behavior and capturing all different states from the sublime to the suffering.

What do you love about Liverpool? Liverpool is a wonderful melting pot of creativity. There’s  always something  wonderful   happening in the city: great place to live.

What would  your superpower be? To  be  able to time travel so I  get to know the lottery numbers and then share my winnings with family and friends; buy cars, houses, things people get excited about. I know my mum would love a 60 inch plasma screen TV, one has to posses a Maserati, Top Gear said it’s on the must list!

Favourite hangout: loving the Kazimer gardens; can’t wait for them to start  winter log fires, and going home smelling of firewood. Lush… The Grapes on a Sunday is a great place to meet like minded souls who love Jazz!!
Tell us a secret: I’m 78 years old  but, shhhhh, don’t tell everyone!! They all want to know my beauty regime. Another, I met the  great grandson of Picasso!! He was a cool skate boarder with a PHD in physics this is really true!!