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Mike Pinnington

Profession:  Co-founder/director of The Double Negative. Content Editor at Tate Liverpool; freelance writer for Garageland, The Art Newspaper, Art Monthy, a-n, Culture 24, the Guardian, Creative Tourist.

Tell us about you: Velvet Underground-loving writer with various bits and pieces sprinkled here and there. Mostly here.

What inspires you? Can’t really beat a good book. Good writing in general is pretty inspirational.

What do you love about Liverpool? This city has given me everything I hold dear: an education, a taste for the wider world, and the space and opportunity to ‘have a crack at it’, so to speak.

What would your superpower be? A sense of perception which revealed peoples’ true responses through the lies would be pretty handy! The old ego might take a beating, however… can I change my mind?

Favourite local hangout? Quite partial to the bar opposite our office at Static Gallery.

Tell us a secret. Childhood catalogue model is the furthest I’m willing to go by way of secrets.

Twitter: @doublenegativem @thedblengtve