Michael Ollie Smith

Michael (Ollie) Smith

Profession: Web Developer, Programmer, Musician, Magician

Tell us about you: I have been running my own web dev business (impact-ds.co.uk) for longer than I imagined given the state of the global economy. I play bass in We Came Out Like Tigers and drums in other projects.  I’m a massive geek.

What inspires you? People, Art, Music, Game of Thrones, Chocolate biscuits dunked in tea.

What do you love about Liverpool? Its capacity to keep producing top quality people just when you thought you knew them all. That loving feeling of returning ‘home’ after a lengthy spell on tour.

What would your superpower be? I’d love to be my character on Skyrim to be honest. He’s got it all, magic, archery skills, sweet leather boots, a horse and a shit ton of money. Does this count as a superpower?

Favourite local hangout? My bedroom, Wolstenholme CS, The Royal Standard, Peter Kav’s, Shiraz.

Tell us a secret. Sometimes when people aren’t around I sing Take That songs. All music credibility I had is now ruined. Thanks Double Neg…

impact-ds.co.uk (web dev)

oliver.smith[@]impact-ds.co.uk (web dev)

wecameoutliketigers.co.uk (band)

brickfacepress[@]hotmail.com (band)