Michael Cottage

Michael Cottage

Profession: Illustrator and professional Mexican food eater.

Tell us about you:
I draw pictures in ink over pencil, so if I mess it up I have to start again, which probably makes me a tit. I’ve always drawn since I was a little kid and generally like drawing miserable or unhappy things – bags under eyes and awkward faces feature heavily. I’ve drawn for loads of local magazines, bands and bars, as well as some bigger clients further afield and I’m always unbelievably chuffed to see my drawings published in the real world.

What inspires you? 
Seeing what other people are doing.

What do you love about Liverpool? I’m from here, so all of my family and friends are here. There’s loads of creative and interesting people in Liverpool doing loads of brilliant stuff so there’s always something to do.

What would your superpower be? The ability to string words together with the majesty and finesse of Dr. Dre.

Favourite local hangout? The Fly in the Loaf on Hardman Street is my favourite boozer.

Tell us a secret. I consider Dr. Dre’s ’2001′ to be the greatest album ever recorded.