Matthew Storrow

Profession: Graphic Design.

Tell us about you. Architect turned graphic designer. I run Mockup Design Labs, which is a graphic design studio that specialises in original artwork. I like trains.

What inspires you? A healthy dose of sci-fi, fantasy and history combined with an obsession for architectural oddities, ruins and old railway cuttings.

What do you love about Liverpool? Its topography is amazing. It’s got this way of always ensuring you’re always either looking uphill towards a cathedral, or downhill towards pointy dome-topped waterfront buildings.  

What would your superpower be? The ability to download skills and information straight to my brain like in the Matrix would be the best thing ever.

Favourite local hangout? McGuffies on Castle St for coffee and the Bridewell off the bottom of Duke St for a pint.

Tell us a secret. The first time I watched Danny Boyle’s ‘Sunshine’ I cried three times. At the time I was battling one of the most severe hangovers a human has ever had to face, that’s my excuse anyway.