Matt Longworth

Matt Longworth

Profession: Freelance writer

Tell us about you: I try to soak up as much film, art, music and pop culture (ranging from tasteful to pure trash) as possible. My brain is a sponge of useless information, movie trivia and dirty ghetto beats all concealed behind a big fringe.

What inspires you? The fearlessness I see in people trying to do things that seem a little different without compromise, like John Waters or Grace Jones.

What do you love about Liverpool? I feel like Liverpool is a bit of an underdog city, it isn’t as big as Manchester or London but there is still a lot of things going on. I’ve met some really creative people in Liverpool and I love how inclusive the arts community is here.

What would your superpower be? Something distinctly average like being able to open any jar. That way there is no danger of finding myself in a tough situation wearing a lycra onesie.

Favourite local hangout? Sefton Park in the sunshine, the Kazimier, Mello Mello, Egg café – I eat there a lot.

Tell us a secret. I make a great mojito…