Liz Mitchell

Liz Mitchell

Profession: Freelance writer/curator/lecturer/researcher… oh, all sorts of things.

Tell us about you: Born in Bristol, grew up in Berkshire, living in Manchester. Worked for 20 years as a curator at Manchester Art Gallery. Now juggling several things: a PhD on Manchester’s decorative art collection; teaching Art and Design History at Manchester School of Art; dabbling in artistic practices as a member of Salford’s Suite Studios — and writing about all of it as often as I can.

What inspires you? Walking, weather, conversation. Small things. Ben Nicholson’s drawing, Peter Lanyon’s painting, Tove Janssen’s writing, Michael Nyman’s music.

What do you love about where you live (Manchester)? Met my husband here, had my kids here, made my home here. It’s rainy (yes), dirty, sometimes a bit up itself, but it has energy, history and an attitude that makes things happen.

Favourite local hangout? Gemini Café at Whitworth Park or the canteen at the Museum of Transport in Cheetham Hill.

What would your superpower be? Flying. And magic.

Tell us a secret. It’s what you haven’t done that matters when you’re old (with thanks to Ian Dury).

Pinterest: lizmitch71