Lesley Taker

Lesley Taker

Profession: Art Watcher at FACT & the Bluecoat, Writer (Art Criticism/Reviews/General Meerings), Professional Gig-goer

Tell us about you: Academically pre-disposed word-monger and noise fancier with a penchant for massive, impractical rings. Most of my words are made up, or are about books, pictures or music. Oddly enough, all of my published academic work is about some form of pornography.

What inspires you? Yorkshire Tea, Virginia Woolf, JG Ballard, Batman, Angela Carter, and the Wu.

What do you love about Liverpool? My mum, Bros 4 Life, the DIY vibe, the continual gigs. All of my books are here.

What would your superpower be?  The ability to drink red wine without the occurrence of that weird, blue-tinted lip event.

Favourite local hangout? Leaf, Egg, MelloMello, Gigs, Galleries, The Pub (specifically the Fly in the Loaf)

Tell us a secret: I LEGITIMATELY, and in no way gratuitously, used the word ‘c*nt’ 23 times in my Postgraduate thesis. Sorry, Mum…