Lauren Saunders

Lauren Saunders

Profession: Artist.

Tell us about youCo-producer of The Critical Fish, award-winning freelance artist and arts/mental health advocate living in Hull. I’m a socially-engaged visual artist whose work explores big philosophical questions and tackles society’s complex issues by drawing in the expanded field. I’ve exhibited work locally and nationally, and have worked professionally in healthcare, theatres and community settings.

What inspires you? I think a lot about thinking. Mostly about people and the human experience. And I critically interrogate and challenge the things I think. Or things other people think. Thinking inspires me!

What do you love about where you live? The people of Hull – they certainly live up to their friendly and quirky reputation.

What’s your favourite local hangout? Tough one, since Hull is full to the brim with hidden gems, but I’d have to say it’s the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Garden in Pearson Park – it’s stunning!

What would your superpower be? Not needing to sleep. I could get so much done…

Tell us a secret. I was terrified of garden weeds as a kid because I genuinely thought they could kill you. True story.

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