Laura Robertson

Laura Robertson

Profession: Proud co-founder and editor of The Double Negative magazine. Writer and critic based in Liverpool. Published in frieze, Elephant, Hyperallergic, Art Monthly, ArtReview and a-n amongst others. Currently critical writer-in-residence at Open Eye Gallery. MA Writing graduate (2018-20), Royal College of Art. Former director of The Royal Standard Gallery & Studios.

Tell us about you: I studied Visual Arts at university, and really got sucked into artistic practice and gallery work whilst volunteering at the CFCCA (then Chinese Arts Centre), Manchester, and then joining The Royal Standard as a graduate artist-curator. Starting TDN was the best thing; self-initiating something that has had a real impact. I like to write about art because I appreciate the good, the bad and the ugly; but also because I feel communicating an experience to another human can be quite powerful. Transformative, even. (Is that too cheesy?)

What inspires you? Hard work and kindness. Not giving up.

What do you love about Liverpool? Its DIY spirit, its energy, and people’s drive here to get shit done.

What would your superpower be? It’d be cool to have unbelievable strength to crush your enemies. This would also come in handy for opening jam jars.

Favourite local hangout? Chapters of Us in the Baltic Triangle. Try the passion fruit bellini.

Tell us a secret. I once sat on an elephant, and it felt incredibly, overwhelmingly leathery.

Twitter: @doublenegativel / @thedblengtve