Kayleigh Davies

Kayleigh Davies

Profession: Intern, Volunteer, Writer and Feminist.

Tell us about you: I am currently about to begin my final year at Liverpool John Moores University studying History of Art and Museum Studies, where I have discovered a love for Feminism in various forms. In my occasional spare time, I blog, volunteer, intern and enjoy the arts wherever possible.

What inspires you? I love people who are optimistic, passionate about what they do and who are not afraid to dream big. Life is too short to not take chances!

What do you love about Liverpool? The people of Liverpool are even more beautiful than the city itself, incredibly creative and open to change. The arts in the city have been gracious and generous in the opportunities they provide for those who are willing to work hard.

What would your superpower be? It would have to be never being tired, you could work 24 hours a day and still feel like you’ve just had your morning coffee.

Favourite Local Hangout: Leaf/Camp & Furnace.

Tell us a Secret: I spend way too money on gigs.


Twitter @Songbird91