Katherine April Caddy

Katherine April Caddy

Profession: Arts Writer/Communications & PR/Photographer and Aspiring Painter.

Tell us about youI was born in London, raised in Cambridgeshire and now live just outside of York. I’m a recent Art History graduate. I love lots of things including walking in nature, eating out, looking at oil paintings and listening to Ryan Adams.

What inspires you? People who overcome difficult things. Experiencing something new. The strength and grace of a long line of women in my family. The sound of the sea.

Where do you live? What do you love about it? I live in a little village just outside of York, UK. I love being able to just step out into nature when I want to. I also love the little cottage I live in because it is our first home together.

What would your superpower be? Super Healer.

Tell us a secret. When I was a little girl I believed the tiny tailed spirals you see when your eyes are watery to be transparent, far away spirits, and imagined I could decide on their paths through directing my vision to the clouds or the ground below. 



Twitter: @KatherineAprilC