Justin Lewis

Justin Lewis

Profession: Filmmaker, Dyslexic Wordsimth

Tell us about you: During the weekend I am a manual labourer for a single priced discount store. But during the week I am a graduate of Edge Hill University who sits in a darkened room and watches movies, occasionally venturing out to make them. I have no preferred genres in film, arts or music, as long as I find enjoyment in them.

What inspires you? Films, especially Bad Films and people telling me what I can’t do.

What do you love about Liverpool? The people (both drunk and sober as long as they present who they really are), the architecture of the derelict and empty buildings, and the nightlife.

What would your superpower be? Easy – invisibility. And before you think of the negative conations of that answer, bear in mind my chosen profession involves viewing peoples’ lives through a lens that the subjects cannot ‘see’ or even register. It’s more like an anthropological study than anything.

Favourite local hangout? American Pizza Slice, Presto Pizza, Abe’s Pizza, Papa John’s and the Krazyhouse.

Tell us a secret. I know how to spell ‘Wordsmith’.