Julian Shepherd

Julian Shepherd

Profession: Designer, Writer, p/t Lecturer & DJ.

Tell us about youInterior design graduate from Glasgow School of Art. Former comedian and radio presenter. Training as an art and design lecturer with University of Central Lancashire. Associated with Liverpool label Scenery Records, cultural paper The Skinny and currently collaborating with gallery curators Duovision on projects for the Lowry and the ICA.

What inspires you? Innovative minds and personalities with drive, strength and good hearts.

What do you love about Liverpool? The humour, its historical prominence and world-class architecture. Going to Great Homer Street market on a Saturday and laughing at the sights for about an hour.

What would your superpower be? Destroy brazen creative plagiarism, laziness and the ego’s responsible. Any enemy for that fact, squished. On a less militant note, teleport us all to Hawaii when the weather turns turtle.

Favourite local hangout? The Volley (in Waterloo) as it possesses many a special memory and peculiar jovial folk. Berry & Rye for the fact it doesn’t smell of lemon bleach and allow you to come home with a personalised key ring. Mr Chilli for its obscenely traditional Sichuan menu (complete with frogs legs). And Panoramic 34 for the breathtaking view and the fact you can spy on everyone in the flats surrounding it.

Tell us a secret. When I was 10, I was invited to land a jumbo jet at Calgary Airport. I obliged and we all survived. Which was a surprise.


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