José Carlos Diaz

José Diaz

Profession: Art Curator/Cultural Historian.

Tell us about you: I am a Miami Beach native. The last 5 years in the ‘Pool I completed an MA in Cultural History and worked for the Liverpool Biennial and Tate Liverpool. In addition to my love for contemporary art, I enjoy writing about the cultural phenomena that takes place in Liverpool and Miami.

What inspires you? Art, artists, friends, cooking from scratch, my partner (not necessarily in this order).

What do you love about Liverpool? Hearing the seagulls and walking through the streets filled with such a rich history and heritage … Scouse accents are nice too!

Favourite local hangout? You can always find me at 60 Hope Street and The Quarter.

Tell us a secret.  Someone once paid a santera priestess to kill a chicken and place a curse on me. Only in Miami!