John Biddle

John Biddle

Profession: I guess I’ve probably been typecast as an Illustrator now.

Tell us about you: I realised I wasn’t very good at writing when once in school I found myself trying to pass off ‘The Three Little Pigs’ as my own work in a creative writing class. That evening I thought I might as well give drawing a try instead. I have been doing it ever since though recently I have become obsessed with growing plants. I tried combining the two but drawing with plants wasn’t as successful as I’d have hoped.

What inspires you? Jeremy Vine.

What do you love about Liverpool? I like all of the epic abandoned warehouses.

What would your superpower be? The ability to paint walls in my house without getting paint all over my clothes and shoes.

Favourite local hangout? My local pub is the Baltic fleet. I quite like it here.

Tell us a secret. On Dr. Christian’s online health check I was diagnosed as being 95% autistic. He was undecided about the other 5%. Could I say hello to my Hamster please Jeremy? Hi Albert.