Joe Zhu

Joe Zhu

Profession: Journalist/ Independent Curator.

Tell us about you: I’ve been studying in Newcastle for 2 years for an MA in Marketing, but I ended up being an art journalist with the help of a friend. I’ve been doing it for five years and counting. I started curating exhibitions in 2010, and I totally enjoy bring people from different cultures together!

What inspires you? Real people, real stories. Sometime ordinary people can do extraordinary things!

What do you love about Liverpool? Its openness, its history, and of course, the Cains raisin beer!

What would your superpower be? I’m not quite sure about what you mean by this question. If it’s the power I wish I would have, then I hope I could speak any language in the world. If it’s the power I already have, then I’m a master at improvising in difficult situations.

Favourite local hangout? Any place with good coffee or beer.

Tell us a secret. I once owned a record shop that only sold rock music, but it went out of business 10 years ago!

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