Jennifer Tsai

Jennifer Tsai

Profession: Creative writer.

Tell us about you: I am currently studying on the MA in Creative Writing at Manchester University and work as an English Language tutor in Liverpool. I also have an MA in English Literature. I enjoy playing the piano and sing. I regularly practise yoga and dance too.   

What inspires you? Poetry, literature, music, art and films.

What do you love about Liverpool? Liverpool is my hometown. It has the oldest Chinese community in Europe. I love the feeling of space, openness and freshness; that it has as a port, with the River Mersey running through it; its lyrical and edgy nature; its maritime history and mix of different nationalities. I love the spirit and creativity of the people in this city, it has a heart.

What would your superpower be? The ability to fly, be invisible and make dreams come true.

Favourite local hangout? The Georgian quarter.