Jen Allanson

Jen Allanson

Profession: I don’t really have a profession. I let my interests guide me toward things that seem interesting and worthwhile. Whilst pursuing this strategy I learned that a rich general skill set greatly increases your ability to make a living. I thought this was a worthwhile thing to pass on, and do so through training and development consultancy work through my company, TupleSpace.

Tell us about you. Disruptive. I love science and technology and art, and read, write and work across disciplines. I always have a dozen projects on the go at once. Occasionally something gets completed. I’d like this to happen more often. Working with others helps, as do deadlines.

What inspires you? Anything and everything.

What do you love about Liverpool? It’s a jumping off point. We’re on the edge of the land looking out to sea, and as an historical point of departure there’s a sense that from here you can go anywhere and do anything. That’s very powerful. Also the people of Liverpool are great – sharp, smart, creative and incredibly resilient.

What would your superpower be? Flight. The higher you go the broader your perspective.

Favourite local hangout? The endlessly re-creative Kazimier.

Tell us a secret. I was a ‘tarty blonde’ in Alan Bleasdale’s GBH.

Twitter @jen_allanson