Jazmin Garner

Jazmin Garner

Profession: Artist, Lover, Fighter, Professional Procrastinator.

Tell us about you: Made in U.S.A. I create installations, drawings, buttons and whatever else I can think of using anything that I like looking at. After gaining my Bachelors degree in Fine Art I set off to Florence Italy to ‘find myself’,  got hitched to a Scouser, and ran out of money.

What inspires you? Shapes, contours, colours, shiny things, music, heavy bass.

What do you love about Liverpool? Liverpudlians take no shit, and people say to me: “Er ya Gerl”.

What would your superpower be? To have a Eidetic memory X-Men style with a little invisibility power.

Favourite local hangout? Sitting under all the vintage radios in Peter Kavanagh’s at the top end of town.

Tell us a secret. I love techno.