James Hampson

James Hampson

Profession: Freelance writer

Tell us about you: I grew up in deep dark Helsby, then moved up to cold granite Aberdeen to study, and am now back in warm sunny Liverpool where I belong.

What inspires you? Half Man Half Biscuit.

What do you love about Liverpool? Liverpudlians understand the importance of little, day-to-day moments of happiness- making life better for everyone with quippy jokes and chats. More people stop and talk to you in Liverpool than anywhere else I’ve been.

What would your superpower be? That nifty watch that Bernard had; literally the best thing in the world, and he just used it to stop cans of paint falling over on the other side of town.

Favourite local hangout? If it’s sunny, Everton Park. If it’s not, Toxteth library.

Tell us a secret. Smoking is bad for you.



Email: james.hampson.08 [at] aberdeen.ac.uk