Jacob Charles Wilson

Jacob Charles Wilson

Profession: Writer.

Tell us about you: I’m an art historian by training, focussing on photography, performance, and documentation. My day-job is helping artists and galleries promote themselves online. Recently, I’ve started doing my own writing and in the meantime I try and learn new recipes and spend a lot of time collecting zines.

What inspires you? Contradictions! Serious people letting their hair down, permanent jokers discussing their work earnestly.

What do you love about the place you live in? Manchester’s a city that you can actually walk around, with people friendly enough not to barge into you. Plus, it’s only a train away from Liverpool!

What would your superpower be? The power of recalling that really good song the DJ played thre songs back.

Favourite local hangout? In the mornings, North Tea Power; in the night, Soup Kitchen.

Tell us a secret The secret ingredient is always cinnamon.


Twitter: @jclwilson

Instagram: @jclwilson